Le Jardin Giritli Şirince Ana Sayfa

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Le Jardin Giritli Restaurant Şirince

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In the middle of Şirince, 'Le jardin Giritli'' is the equivalent to word "peace". Would you like to live a unique escape in which the green nature captures you, far away from the noisiness of the city. Our pension which is located in the center of Şirince that is famous for its wine and houses, has three rooms.

In our area which has the biggest garden in Şirince, you can feel yourself at home in silence with our wines one more beautiful than the other, or you can have your fortune told with tarot cards while you drink coffee and have a different experience.

All our rooms have a private outer space; thus our guests can enjoy their time seperately from other guests. In the breakfast, you can relish our organic olive oil and home made jams which are prepared by us. Here is a place that "If we were in Le Jardin now." is said. Accordingly, with the streets made of cobblestones, warm people, that gives you the feeling that Aegean songs are sang, peace with silence, gives the feeling as if you are in an island when you are in a mountain village; enjoy Şirince with Le Jardin which puts us through heaven in earth.

Le jardin Giritli Pension is an authentic place which you can apart from city atmosphere and relieve your tiredness in nature with clean air as fresh as a daisy. Our pension is restored by keeping the Şirince architecture and by preserving nature.

Giritli Pension is our home which we made imaginations and while we were creating our home, we wanted to share these special moments with our guests. We invite you to enjoy Şirince with sincere sensations. Take your most comfortable clothes with you while preparing your bag and hang your city stress in your empty wardrobe. If you can not recover from stress, don't worry! The unique beauty and air of Şirince will surely give help. You can have your breakfast in our restaurant with nature and unique view of Şirince. Breakfast is village breakfast and consists of completely natural and home made products.