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Le Jardin Giritli Restaurant Şirince

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“Şu yeryüzünde cennet diye bir yer varsa, bizim kırkınca -şirince- cennetin bir parçası olması gerekir”

Benden Selam Söyle Anadoluya -Dido Sotiroyo

“If there is a heaven on earth, Kırkınca- Şirince- should be a part of the heaven.”
Send my regards to Anatolia- Dido Sotiroyo Şirince is a touristic village which historical architecture is preserved; it is bound to Selçuk district, 8 km to Selçuk.

The original name is Kırkınca. This name is given considering forty* people who hit to the mountains in legendary times. In Greek pronunciation, this names becomes kirkice, Kirkince and finally Çirkince. In the first years of the Republic, it is changed as “Şirince” and became official by the instruction of Izmir Governor Kazım Dirik.

 In 19th history, Şirince was a 1800 houses of Greek Town and was very famous for fig production especially for export. In 1923, as a result of Turkiye-Greece Population Exchange, Greek had departed (most of them moved to Katerini Nea Efesos village) and refugees from Kavala Müştiyan (Moustheni) and Somokol (Domatia) villages had settled. Previously, the village’s economy was based to vinegrowing, wine production and raising olives, however these productions has come to a full stop with the new residents who have come from tobacco region. Merely, in last years these sectors began to improve again through touristic importance. Besides vinegrowing and raising olives, peaches, figs, apples and nuts are grown. In 1950’s the population of the village was 2000-3000, then it decreased down to 700. In 1990’s the population began to increase through tourism development. Some Greek Houses are used as pensions in the village.

Different wine types which are produced and sold in Şirince has become very famous Turkiye wide. In the village, there are two ruined churches.  Furthermore, Historical Architecture Structure is protected.


How can we go to Şirince?

You should go to Selçuk district firstly to go to Şirince. Şirince is 8 km far away from Selçuk. If you will go to Şirince by your own car, you should use Belevi exit from Izmir highway and while going from Izmir to Aydın, in the entrance of Selçuk, you should follow up to Şirince turonut. After the turnout, you will reach up to Şirince through mandarin, olive and grapes scents.

If you don’t have a private car, there are minibuses and buses from Selçuk Station.

To reach up to Şirince by air;

When you come to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport from Istanbul or Ankara, after one hour you can find yourself walking through Şirince streets. If you come from far places, airway will be the easiest and most comfortable transportation option.

To reach up to Şirince by highway;

You can reach up to Selçuk by KUŞADASI buses which gets off from different cities. Firstly you should reach to Izmir or AYDIN, then you can come to Selçuk.

If you come from Istanbul, you can use the highway from Çamlıca paying office to Bayramoğlu turn, you will reach to Eskihisar Port and go to Topçular-Yalova road with 40 minutes passage. The road’s single and double lanes are not differed easily, there are dangerous points of traffic. Single lane construction is continued till 30 km exit on Bursa highway from Yalova ramp. Balıkesir peripheral  highway and Aydın highway which costs 3 liras are great. This road ends after 12 km and here is Selçuk. Across from the gas station in the entrance, there is 8 km ramp and some curves, then you reach to Şirince.

To reach up to Şirince by sea lane;

Firstly you should reach to Izmir or Kuşadası by sea lane, then you can reach to Şirince by road.


To reach up to Şirince by railway;

There are trips from various places to Selçuk. You can gain information from http://www.tcdd.gov.tr/yolcu/anahattrenleri.htmaddress about the train trips.Telephone number of  Selçuk train station: 0232 892 60 06



Şirince'den Pamukkale 215 km. (3 saat)

Şirince'den Selçuk 7 km. (10dk.)

Şirince'den Tire 50 km. (1/2 saat)

Şirince'den Kuşadasi 15 km. (30dk.)

Şirince'den Klaros 15 km. (25 dk.)

Şirince'den tren İstasyonu Müzesi 15 km. (25 dk.)

Şirince'den Dilek Yarımadası Milli Parkı (Kalamaki Milli Parkı) 35 km. (40 dk.)

Şirince'den Kuşadasi 13 km. (25 dk.)

Şirince'den Ödemiş 80 km. (1 saat)

Şirince'den Ödemiş Kayak Merkezi 80 km. (1 saat)

Şirince'den Adnan Menderes Havalimanı 55 km. (45 dk.)

Şirince'den Milet 50 km (1 saat)

Şirince'den Efes 9 km. (15dk.)

Şirince'den Meryem Ana Evi 10 km. (15dk.)

Şirince'den Efes Plajı (Pamucak) 10 km. (20dk.)

Şirince'den Aphrodisias 130 km. (2 saat)

Şirince'den Bergama 180 km. (3 saat)

Şirince'den Bodrum 205 km. (2-3/4 saat)

Şirince'den İstanbul: 690 km. (10 saat) ( Bandırma feribotu ile 6,5 saat)

Şirince'den Marmaris: 240 km. (4 saat)

Şirince'den Milas: 120 km. (2 saat)